Google Driving Directions

The most popular function on Google Maps is the route planner. You can input your desired destination and view different routes to get there with it. The map will show you detailed information about each route, including time estimates and traffic levels. Many other features come with the Google Maps app, such as public transit options, biking directions, satellite maps, street views, and more.

A great way to use this app is to enter the beginning and endpoints of your desired route. On a smartphone, you can also take a map photo to show the locations where you want the route to go. Google will then provide a detailed route with different options from point A to point B. Google Maps gives you the option to search for driving directions. It will consider how much time and distance you want to travel; if traffic is heavy, it will automatically calculate your route accordingly. You can also select a mode of transportation that is not driving, such as walking or biking.

Google Route Planner

Before you travel, calculate how much fuel it will cost, plan your route efficiently and read tips on driving economically.