20 Mexico Travel Tips, Facts, and Advice

Mexico is a fascinating country that’s guaranteed to offer something for everyone. During your visit, you’ll discover the beautiful natural landscapes, get an insight into the rich culture and history and meet some of the friendliest people in the world.

Don’t stress out because of safety concerns in Mexico

You should know that every country has its share of risks. You can’t avoid all potential dangers, but you can take certain safety precautions to minimize your risks. In Mexico, you should keep an eye open for the following things: always wear your seatbelt, use caution when driving at night, and limit the amount of alcohol you drink while abroad.

Don’t fall victim to the kidnapping scam. This is one of the most common scams in Mexico. Basically, a person will tell you that people are trying to kidnap you and your loved ones so that they will escort you to a hotel or an embassy. The scammers wait for your family members to pay them money, and when they do, these con artists disappear with your money. Regardless of what happens, never give away any money!

Go cenote hopping

If you’re going to Mexico, it’s an absolute must that you go cenote hopping. Cenotes are sinkholes in the earth, which lead to caves where there are underground streams. These caves can be as deep as 6 stories below ground, and they bring together all kinds of species that live in the rivers and lakes above ground. Most of the water is crystal clear, but some cenotes have sulfuric water from underwater volcanoes or the soil around them. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes and don’t jump into them if you don’t know how deep they go!

Pay for your expenses in pesos, not in dollars

You should always pay for your expenses in pesos, not in dollars. The exchange rates can change between the two currencies, and if you’re not careful, it’s easy to get ripped off. Be careful of which ATMs you use, as some will charge fees on top of the existing ATM fee. Exchange your money before coming to Mexico; it will be easier for you to track how much money you have left and what things cost.

Explore the country beyond the touristy resorts

Mexico is a fascinating country with unique traditions and people. Enjoy the culture and history by exploring Mexico beyond the touristy resort areas. Visit one of the many ancient ruins that are scattered throughout the country. Spend some time experiencing local life by getting to know the people who live in rural villages, never visiting any other tourists. These visits can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to see how locals live. Visiting these places will give you a new perspective on how different cultures live their lives and help you learn about some of your closest neighbors.

Don’t underestimate the size of this enormous country

In terms of size, Mexico is the second-largest country in Latin America and the third-largest country globally. It’s almost four times as large as France. If you don’t speak Spanish, it’s recommended that you learn some basic phrases before visiting the country.

The weather is not always warm and sunny

The climate of Mexico is varied, but one thing that is true everywhere is that it can get cold at night. Visitors should pack for a range of weather conditions, including shorts and t-shirts, a jacket, and long sleeves. The rainy season from June to October can be challenging to navigate without an umbrella or raincoat, so always keep one handy.

Indulge in the fantastic Mexican food

You can find restaurants serving various Mexican dishes in most major cities. These range from tacos and burritos to more adventurous dishes like grilled grasshoppers. If you don’t mind getting your hands messy, it’s worth trying at least one dish from the street food stalls. The best way to get the authentic experience is to eat in the markets, where the smells and sounds of market-goers are as much a part of the food as any spices or flavorings.

Mexican Cuisine is one of its national treasures, so why not take advantage of all it offers while in Mexico? Is there any better way to experience authentic Mexican culture than eating what they eat? Make sure you try some tacos and burritos because they’re incredibly delicious, and you should be ready for anything on your travels.

Go for and enjoy the street food

Mexicans are known for their love of food, including street food. The national dish is tacos, a taco can be anything from a cooked maize tortilla folded in two and filled with meat, vegetables, and guacamole to a fried flour tortilla served with chorizo (Mexican sausage), carne asada (grilled beef), or chicken. Get adventurous and try new combinations at every stop!

It is better to leave your drone at home

Mexico is not a drone-friendly country. A new law was passed that makes it illegal to fly in most areas of Mexico. This is because drones have been interfering with rescue efforts when there’s a natural disaster. In addition, Mexican drug cartels use drones to spy on and target potential drug shipments from the sky.

Prepare yourself for the Mexican bathrooms

The first thing to know is that ‘M’ at the door means that it’s for women. M stands for Mujeres in Spanish because ‘Mujeres’ is the Spanish word for women. Even after living in Barcelona, I may have gone into the lady’s room by mistake more than once.

Please deposit your toilet paper in the basket when you are done with the bathroom. While many places have connections to a public sewage system, flushing them down can cause clogs.

Plan for the best beach weather in Mexico

Be sure to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat when you go to Mexico. The sundown south can be extreme, so protecting your skin from getting burnt. You will also find that the beaches in Mexico are pretty much year-round.

Most people think the best time to visit Mexico is during the summer months. However, this is not true. The winter months are the rainiest and windiest season on the coast – making it perfect for water sports but not-so-great for lounging on the beach.

Get around in the country by ADO bus

Mexico City is the country’s capital and its largest city. One of the best ways to get around is by ADO bus to get around in the country. One can purchase a ticket and choose their destination, but more often than not, most people go where they need to because buses are so cheap. They come every 10 minutes or less at peak hours and about 30 minutes during off-peak hours.

Be sure to give a chance to Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the most exciting cities in the world. For over 3,000 years, it has been a significant hub for economics and trade. Many museums talk about this long history with tons of artifacts that date back centuries. If you’re looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life, head to Chapultepec Park. It’s just outside Mexico City, so it’s easy to get there. Visitors will find plenty of green space where they can relax with their friends or family.

Be careful when renting a car

When leasing a car, pay attention to the fine print. When they return, some companies charge consumers for all the gas used in the rental vehicle. Also, be careful with the availability of roadside assistance. You need to know what you will do if your car breaks down or has other mechanical issues while you are on the road. If this happens, you may want to purchase an international insurance plan before you leave.

Explore the ancient ruins of Mexico

If you’re an adventurer, the ancient ruins of Mexico are sure to be a fascinating visit. Some of the most famous and popular ruins include Tulum, Chichen Itza, Palenque, and Teotihuacan. Most of these sites are located in southern Mexico or along the Gulf Coast.

If some peace is what you seek, there are plenty of places for that. Head into the mountainous regions of Mexico to find authentic villages with people who have preserved many aspects of their culture from ages past.

It is better to avoid tours

The large majority of tourists in Mexico go on vacation tours organized by the hotels. These tours are not worth the money and can be very dangerous because they increase the tourists’ dependence on their guides and put them in sensitive situations. They also provide a false sense of security because there is always the risk that a tourist will stray from the group and fall victim to crime.

Learn some basic Spanish

Learning some Spanish will help you immensely during your time in Mexico. Many people don’t speak English, and they may not be able to understand you, so it’s always good to learn a sentence or two in Spanish before you arrive in Mexico. If you plan to go for longer than a week or two, it would be better to learn more.

You can pick up a phrasebook from your local bookstore for around $10, and this is all you need. I’ve looked through mine several times in Mexico and have found it very useful! It’ll help you get around with airport workers, taxi drivers, and people you meet in the street. There are also many different websites out there that teach Spanish online.

Interact with locals in Mexico

When traveling in Mexico, it is essential to interact with the locals. They will often better understand where you should go and what you should see than any guidebook or map. Also, speak Spanish because many Mexicans are not fluent in English.

Always try to avoid tap water

The best drink for travelers in Mexico is bottled water. It is always recommended that tourists avoid tap water because it can be contaminated with bacteria and other harmful substances. There have been reports of travelers contracting typhoid and cholera from tap water.

Remain connected with a Telcel SIM card

These SIM cards are inexpensive and easy to purchase before your trip. You will have internet access, but you’ll also have access to a map loaded with locations for gas stations, ATMs, restaurants, and lodging. If you’re looking for directions or information about anything on the map, a 24-hour customer service line is ready to help you in English.


Mexico is a fascinating country with plenty of adventures awaiting you. Though it’s a developing country, it is safe if you take the right precautions. There are risks to be wary of, but you can take certain safety precautions to minimize your risks. If you get the chance, visit remote villages or ancient ruins and experience Mexican culture beyond touristy resorts, and enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine.

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