Clipperton Island

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The official flag of the N/A nation.

About Clipperton Island in a nutshell

  • Conventional short form of the name: Clipperton Island
  • The conventional long form of the name: none
  • Local long form: none
  • Local short form: Ile Clipperton
  • Former name(s): sometimes referred to as Ile de la Passion or Atoll Clipperton
  • Etymology: named after an 18th-century English pirate who supposedly used the island as a base.
  • The legal system in Clipperton Island: the laws of France apply.
  • Climate: Tropical, humid, average temperature 20-32 degrees celsius, wet season (May to October).
  • The national symbols are none.
  • Internet TLD: N/A


This isolated atoll was named for John CLIPPERTON, an English pirate who was rumored to have made it his hideout early in the 18th century. Annexed by France in 1855 and claimed by the US, Mexico seized it in 1897. Arbitration eventually awarded the island to France in 1931, which took possession in 1935.


The overview map of the N/A national land.

Clipperton Island is a remote coral atoll 40 miles long in the eastern Pacific Ocean and is uninhabited. It’s surrounded by deep water and has no natural resources of its own – only seabirds and marine life.

This state is located in Middle America, an atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, 1,120 km southwest of Mexico, under the coordinates of 10 17 N, 109 13 W, covering an area of 6 sq km with a coastline of 11.1 km. Clipperton Island is About 12 times the mall’s size in Washington, DC.

Coral atoll, with Rocher Clipperton 29 m as the highest point of Clipperton Island, while Pacific Ocean 0 m as the lowest point. With a total of 6 sq km, Clipperton Island has 6 sq km of land and 0 sq km water surface area.

The atoll reef is approximately 12 km (7.5 mi) in circumference; an attempt to colonize the atoll in the early 20th century ended in disaster and was abandoned in 1917.

The climate in Clipperton Island is as follows: Tropical, humid, average temperature 20-32 degrees celsius, wet season (May to October).

When you visit Clipperton Island, the natural hazards shall be considered: Subject to tropical storms and hurricanes from May to October.

The following major health-threatening issues shall be considered when visiting Clipperton Island: none.

Current environmental issues affecting the people: no natural resources, guano deposits depleted; the ring-shaped atoll encloses a stagnant fresh-water lagoon.

Google maps Clipperton Island

The capital and other divisions

Clipperton Island is an uninhabited volcanic island with a total land area of only 2.7 square kilometers in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and it’s located approximately 135 miles off the coast of Mexico. The island has been called one of the most isolated places on Earth.

People and society


The population in Clipperton Island is uninhabited.



Although 115 species of fish have been identified in the territorial waters of Clipperton Island, tuna fishing is the only economically viable species.

Clipperton Island is rich in the following natural resources: Fish.

The main industrial sectors are typically none.

Land use in Clipperton Island: 0% (2018 estimate) forest, 100% (2018 estimate) other.

The main agro-industrial products of Clipperton Island are none.

Clipperton Island Driving Directions

In this post, you learned about Clipperton Island, Middle America, an atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, 1,120 km southwest of Mexico.

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Printable map of Clipperton Island

Did you know about Clipperton Island?

Clipperton Island is located about 1,000 miles west of Mexico. It has been uninhabited since the French abandoned it in 1917. The island is now a bird sanctuary and an important nesting site.

After virtually visiting Clipperton Island, you may also be interested in the neighboring countries: none.

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